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About Keith

Keith’s intuitive awareness allows him to create from a place of grace and humility. His quiet, nurturing approach to his art disguises a passion to achieve beauty in everything he creates whether it is a flute, his music, a river table, or a watercolour painting. 

As a Chartered Engineer Keith had a long career and rose to a senior corporate position in a well-known international company. However, throughout the years there was always an artistic passion seeking to escape from the corporate race. 

Self-taught in all things artistic, Keith found himself dancing to the tune of his spirituality many years ago and in doing so, found himself creating traditional Native American Flutes. Crafting the flutes using traditional methods in all types of woods he found a talent for hand carving the totems which are a crucial adornment to a Native Flute. Keith’s flutes have been sold all over the world and can be found in the hands of a well-known conductor of the London Philharmonic Orchestra as well as Native Americans. and many other musicians. Keith’s flute making also led to music, and he has five music albums to his name.

Keith moved to Cornwall some years ago finding the passion and draw of the landscape inescapably mesmerising. His family connections in this part of the country span some fifty years so Cornwall has always been his natural home. The inspiration for Keith’s love of watercolour painting stems from his desire to capture the spirit of the Cornish landscape which evokes wild passion, calmness, and eternal beauty. 

The depth Keith has for his art and craftmanship is astonishing. He approaches every project with a desire to create pieces which bring a unique experience of peace, light and warmth to all those his work touches. 


(m): 07733 232274


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