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Jane Esoteric Artist

An Unparalleled Art Collection

About Jane Esoteric Artist

Jane is a creative multimedia artist. Her current work is focused of the use of colour, precious and semi-precious crystals.Her art is specifically designed to take you on a personal journey through your own perception of time, spirit, and space. Everyone’s journey through life is both very personal and at times profound. Jane’s artwork very often resonates with people for very good reason, be that spiritual, healing or indeed enlightenment. Jane feels that if an individual gains some level of peace, joy, or wisdom from viewing her work, then she has fulfilled her role, a role which she approaches with compassion, gentleness and above all gratitude.With her Husband Keith, Jane is an accomplished workshop facilitator across a multitude of disciplines including Native American drum making, Shamanic journeying and walking the Medicine Wheel. Jane's family originates from the Scottish Highlands and from a very early age she was at her happiest surrounded by crayons or pencils and scraps of paper. She was known as a child who would draw on anything including her parents newly decoration walls! Jane is delighted to be resident in Cornwall these days, which she considers her soul home.Each time she closes the door on her studio a voyage of discovery begins. What will emerge is both a mystery and a revelation!

Breathe deeply and take the journey……(e): 

07979 510779

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Bude, Cornwall,England


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